Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy for Long-Term Rentals

Forfeiture of Deposit Due to No-Show

1. Deposit Requirement: Clients are required to pay a deposit equivalent to one month’s rent upon signing a lease agreement for a long-term rental (6-12 months).

2. Turn-Up Period: Clients must take possession of the rental property within 14 days of the lease start date.

3. Forfeiture Clause:

  • If the client fails to take possession of the property within the specified 14-day period, the deposit paid (equivalent to one month’s rent) will be forfeited.
  • The lease agreement will be considered null and void, and the property will be made available to other prospective tenants.

4. Owner/Agent Discretion:

  • The property owner or their appointed agent reserves the right to make decisions regarding the forfeiture of the deposit and the nullification of the lease agreement on a case-by-case basis.
  • Requests for extensions or considerations due to extenuating circumstances will be evaluated and approved at the discretion of the property owner or their appointed agent.

5. Notification: Clients are advised to inform the agency of any delays or changes to their move-in schedule at the earliest opportunity.

6. Communication: All communications regarding delays, cancellations, or requests for extensions must be made in writing and addressed to the agency’s rental management team.

By implementing this cancellation policy, the agency ensures that properties are occupied in a timely manner while allowing for flexibility at the discretion of the property owner or their appointed agent.


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